Best Grammar Checker: What Is It?

Have you ever thought of the necessity to enhance your English writing style by using a good grammar fixer? You might have probably noticed that accidental mistakes are not rare in your writing or, otherwise, you might have a need to use a grammar corrector just to make sure your content is fully correct. Have you heard that performing a regular grammar check allows you to improve your writing accuracy and avoid making mistakes in the future?

Imagine having a personal assistant who immediately reacts to your “check my grammar” and “correct my grammar” requests. Sounds good, doesn`t it? Spelling and grammar check is not rare these days. It is successfully used by students, teachers, and different writing professionals on a daily basis. Moreover, many business people use grammar software to always remain professional in their everyday interaction with partners.

Today, in the market, there are plenty of free and paid grammar checking solutions that work with the different limitations and effectiveness. In this article, we will give a few professional tips on performing a grammar check online in a proper way, and will help to select the most trustworthy grammar tools.


What to Expect from a Good Grammar and Spelling Check?

Before actually starting to review free grammar check solutions in order to find the best grammar checker, one should clearly understand what to expect from the chosen service and what criteria to use to evaluate its efficiency. So, the main things we usually expect from the online grammar checker are the following:

1. Correcting all the grammatical mistakes.

The main aim of using a grammar checker is to make sure that the corrected texts contain no more mistakes. Most programs are checking grammar according to the “in-built” grammar rules, and the check quality depends on the initial settings of a software. There are not many providers who can be completely sure in the error-free work of their checking services, that is why it is always recommended to analyze the offered changes critically and to review the text after checking.

2. Offering smart suggestions.

We do not only want to know where the mistake is, but want to have a fit alternative instead. One of the main benefits of a proper grammar and spell check is that you might be given suggestions that fit your writing style best and follow the current grammar rules at the same time.

3. Being easy to use.

The interface of the chosen solution must be non-complicated. The only things a user really needs are the checking space, results and suggestions. An easy to work service will minimize your checking time and will make the process clear and effort-free.

4. Operating online.

Considering the quick pace of life that we have now, no one would like to spend time writing initial texts in Microsoft Office Word in order to perform a spell grammar check before sending a message. To be considered convenient, a good solution must be able to check grammar online, directly from your browser. The services that we have chosen for our review can do it with the same effectiveness; so your writing will certainly be clear and mistake-free whether you are preparing a presentation, sending a business letter or just chatting with friends!

Free Online Grammar Check: How to Select?

To make your choice easier, we have distinguished three best spelling grammar check solutions present in the market. In this article, we will evaluate their strong and weak points in a free online grammar check, without regard to the other available features. So the top three are as follows:


Strong sides: One of the most accurate and developed checking tools that corrects mistakes according to more than 250 grammar rules. It performs a grammar and spelling check online successfully and is very useful for those who want to improve their English level (since the system provides explanations for corrections). Grammarly is considered the best checking tool for students and professionals and is very popular due to its multi-functional character: it does not only proofread your texts for grammar, spell, punctuation and stylistic errors, but also detects plagiarism in writing.

Weak sides: Though Grammarly is a free online grammar checker, a full version with advanced writing suggestions is available only after getting a paid subscription.


Strong sides: It is a very convenient and simple to use tool that allows to find many grammar errors in the texts under checking. All the corrections are made in real time and immediately. One of the benefits of the solution is a smart word prediction that allows users to type quicker by predicting the word they are beginning to type.

Weak sides: Ginger is not convenient when there is a need to work with full texts; it is more for fixing the mistakes in the web-based way. One more thing is that it does not offer explanations for corrections, so if you are obliged to trust the service unconditionally. Being an excellent grammar and spell checker, it still is a little limited in functionality because it cannot detect the content originality.


Strong sides: Reverso is a good grammar checking tool that can work well as a PC product or as the web toolbar for instant checking. The solution is free of charge. It can detect many grammatical mistakes and offer smart suggestions when it is necessary to select alternatives.

Weak sides: The checking accuracy is a little lower than with the two detectors listed above, thus it is strongly recommended to post-review the checked texts carefully. The plagiarism tool is also absent.

These three listed applications are most trusted when it comes to the content checking for grammar mistakes. Which one to choose depends entirely on your professional aims and preferences.

How to Benefit Most from Using Grammar Tools?

If you have already made the choice of the checking tools, it will be useful for you to learn how to get the greatest benefit of using them. So, working with a checker, keep in mind the following rules:

Select a trusted product, follow our recommendations, and make your writing mistake-free once and forever.