Why Check My Paper for Plagiarism?

You are definitely aware of the fact that the intellectual property is protected by the law as well as the physical one. Copying the part of the written material that belongs to the definite author or authors without giving a proper reference is equivalent to stealing the private intellectual property. To avoid problems that follow producing the unoriginal content, people of different interests and professions use free plagiarism checkers that compare your text with all the resources available in the web in order to find similarities. Despite the seeming difficultness of the task, it only takes seconds to produce a result.

Many students ignore the importance of a good plagiarism check. They believe that if they have not intentionally submitted someone else`s paper or a part of it, no unoriginal content cannot be possibly found. Nevertheless, the truth is just the opposite. There is what is called the “unintentional plagiarism” - when a person borrows existing ideas without either citing them properly or giving them a correct reference. In this case, a plagiarism is sure to be found.

Detecting and avoiding plagiarism is an important task for students, teachers and writing professionals, that is why plagiarism software has gained its incredible popularity. For students, using a free plagiarism checker is a good way to make sure their completed assignments are 100% original and will not be turned down for this reason. Free plagiarism checker for teachers is a convenient solution that allows to check on students` works and evaluate them with maximum accuracy and adequacy. For writers, it is the only way to work and to create the original content.

How to Select a Free Plagiarism Checker for Students?

A free plagiarism checker for students is just the solution for the busy schedule. Having prepared you assignments, you can always make a final check by just clicking “check my paper for plagiarism” button. This simple step will allow you to be fully convinced of entire authenticity of your essays, courseworks, and other academic papers.

Selecting a good plagiarism tool is not a very complicated thing to do, if you know what to look for. So, to choose a good plagiarism detector, you have only to follow our advice:

Find whether the tool will be convenient to work with. For example, if there is a limitation for 500 words at a time, you could hardly expect to finish your check quickly. The process speed also matters – nobody wants to waste time on waiting for a result after the paper is ready.

If this free online plagiarism checker is used by thousands of students on a daily basis, there is no ground to doubt its effectiveness. With a trustworthy solution, you are sure to find a feedback quickly.

Even if you have selected a tool that requires a paid subscription, do not buy a pig in a poke. Take a free trial to make sure you are fully aware of the product characteristics and to be confident it fully satisfies you.

It is not too difficult to test your chosen detector on your own. For this purpose, just create a document with a piece of a copied content or the improper citing and see whether the service can find all the plagiarism. A good detector will not only indicate the plagiarized parts but will give you links to the websites where the identical material can be found.

Best Plagiarism Checker: Top 3 Perfect Solutions

Considering the parameters mentioned above, we have already identified the top three plagiarism detectors that will certainly attract your attention. See their main advantages below:


The most accurate checker among the listed three. It is able to find all the unoriginal content and to detect plagiarism in any form giving additional tips and explanations as to the results. The free version is valid for seven days and is, in fact, a trial for the users who want to see what they pay for. One of the significant benefits of Grammarly checker is its universality: in addition to check for plagiarism, you can get a grammar, spelling, and punctuation check, while most solutions are either for proofreading or for plagiarism detection.

\ Copyscape

The site is very good at finding not only the exact matches for the given requests, but the too great similarities as well. The search around the net takes truly a second or two for a middle-sized article, so it is very convenient to work with. The word limit for a paid version (both free and paid ones are available to the user) is 2000 words per search.


The most popular checker among educational institutions. Schools usually pay for a membership to get the papers checked on a regular basis. The software is quite accurate and sophisticated, but may be too expensive for an individual use.

Which one is the best plagiarism checker? It`s up to you to decide. Consider the accuracy, the cost, and your own demands, and choose a solution that will back up all your writing in terms of originality.

How to Check for Plagiarism: Main Rules

How to check for plagiarism if you have already identified what your best free plagiarism checker is? There are a few simple rules that will keep your results on the level:

  1. Make it a habit. You have to check all your papers, even those which do not contain the borrowed ideas. In your writing, you may accidentally use popular phrases that will be detected as plagiarism. Moreover, if you make your check regularly, you are not likely to forget it when it`s truly needed.
  2. Consider the word count. If you use a limited version of a free plagiarism checker online, you might have a strict word limit, so be sure not to exceed it, otherwise, you might leave the part of the document unchecked.
  3. Read the explanations. When you check paper for plagiarism, the system may offer you the explanations for the results. For example, if you have only 60% of the original content located, analyze all the cases of plagiarism carefully and make a second check.

Do you still feel doubtful about your citing accuracy? Select a good plagiarism checker and be convinced in your papers originality!