Why Do I Need a Free Grammar and Spell Check?

You have most probably witnessed more than once how irritated some people get at the spelling mistakes they notice during everyday conversations. Misspelled words in messages, mistakes in the official writing, improperly used words and phrases – all of these may negatively influence the attitude of your partner in conversation to you personally. First impressions are most lasting – and not only in appearance. When you communicate in the written way, you should do your best to make a good impression and to keep it lasting.

If you want to remain accurate in your everyday writing, consider using a spell checker. This is a tool that can automatically and quickly check spelling in any fragment of written speech you have, and correct the mistakes in the most proper way. Having examined the market of spell checkers, we do not advise you to select a solution that is specifically intended for this only aim. The best idea will be to make a free spelling and grammar check together, because this way, you save time and efforts by killing two birds with one stone.

In our review, we have distinguished the main advantages of using a proper free grammar and spell check for people of different professions, given the recommendations for selecting a free spell checker, and described two best solutions for online spell check that you might have found most attractive.

Major Benefits You Get with a Free Spell and Grammar Check

A good spelling checker is undoubtedly useful for any person, but there are definite categories of people who get the greatest benefit performing a spelling check online on a regular basis. Among them, there are students, writers, editors and business people – all those, who have an everyday need to communicate in a written way. A spelling check allows them to feel the certain advantages:

being fully accurate in a word spelling.

The main purpose of using a free spell check is making the writing error-free. Considering that a good proofreader can do more than just a spell check, you additionally fix the grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as the spelling ones. In the result, your writing looks as accurate as it can be.

using only words that fit in the chosen style of writing.

The great advantage of good spell checking solutions is that they can consider the writing style when suggesting alternatives. Some spelling correction tools may just distinguish formal and informal writing, the other have deeper recognizing of the context.

avoiding having repetitions.

If you have a limited vocabulary, it often gets hard to make the writing interesting and attractive to the reader. With the proper spell correction tool, you should not worry about it anymore. Be welcome to use repetitions in the initial text and just click “check my spelling” after you have finished. The program will suggest you synonyms for the repeated words or phrases and the overall text will be much improved.

enriching the vocabulary.

Every time you see a correction of your spelling mistake or a new suggestion made by the system, you make a step towards improving your vocabulary. If you attentively follow the checking process every time you perform it, you will be able to significantly reduce the number of original mistakes.

writing better English.

Using a spell check online improves your English, because learning by experience is the best way to remember the rules. The best things a good spell checking tool can give you are the decreased number of your own mistakes in writing, enriched vocabulary and the improved style.

Selecting a Spelling Checker: Main Recommendations

If you have already made a decision in favor of using a spell check free, be sure to pay attention to the following recommendations when choosing an online spelling correction tool:

  1. Take “All-in-one” opportunity.

    Instead of wasting time on using separate checkers for spelling, grammar, punctuation and style, identify a proofreader that can combine all the features you really need.

  2. Use online tools.

    The software you select must be able to work within your PC as well as to spell check website you are interested in. This way, you get a multifunctional tool useful in all your ventures.

  3. Read the reviews.

    Nobody can give you better recommendations as to whether to use this solution or not than the people who have already made their try. A good spell checker free is what has obviously attracted someone else`s attention.

Best Spell Checker: Top 2 Candidates

To provide truly useful recommendations on performing a free online spell check, we have selected two best candidates for the position of your online helper in checking spelling. For this article, we have evaluated only the spelling-related capabilities of the software, and have selected the ones that have scored best in accuracy. So, the leaders are the following:


It is a free spell and grammar check software that deals with almost any kinds of mistakes with the unmatched accuracy. This tool is often selected by students and professionals since it can discover the slightest mistakes and typos that do not fit the writing style. Synonym suggestions are proven to be appropriate for the context and, what is more, to consider the user`s own writing style. A user can get the explanation for each correction made by the system, and thus, learn by practice. Grammarly works online and with any document with the same effectiveness. A full subscription with unlimited opportunities is not available free of charge.


This checking solution has students for its target audience. It successfully identifies many errors and provides the appropriate reasoning for corrections. There is always a room for improvement with spell checkers so the creators welcome any suggestions and corrections from the side of users. SpellCheckPlus is a useful checker when it is necessary to perform the initial checking of the first drafts. The Pro version of the tool can be quite cost-intensive.

Hope our recommendations will be useful for you. Select a reliable spell checker and get more with a little effort!